Environmental Promise



Highstreet will be known for leading the real estate industry to an affordable zero-carbon, net-positive future.

By 2030 Highstreet will represent a group of companies that have eliminated the ongoing impact that real estate has on the environment. The Highstreet team will leverage technology, create low-cost energy and save resources, energy and time.



All Highstreeters will be informed and accountable for maintaining our commitment to sustainability.



We aim to:

  • Own and operate $200 million in net-zero energy real estate by the end of 2024.
  • Lead the Canadian multi-family development industry in developing, constructing, and operating repeatable, attainable net-zero carbon, net-zero energy ready homes.
  • Increase attention to indoor air quality, durability, and ease-of-use of selected products and specifications.
  • Continually measure and verify the environmental performance of our projects, through construction waste tracking and ongoing energy monitoring.
  • Educate the next generation of builders and developers, through projects with local post-secondary schools and encouraging ongoing training of Highstreet’s staff and subcontractors.

Company Practices


1.   We will minimize waste:

    • Minimize single-use paper. We will sign documents electronically when possible and avoid printing anything needed for less than a week.
    • Minimize construction waste. Make use of prefabricated assemblies where possible and target a 65% (by weight) diversion rate of waste materials collected from construction site from the waste stream.

2.   We will increase employee awareness, education, and training, creating a culture of sustainability.

3.   We will lead our communities by example:

    • Reducing unnecessary energy use, through turning off computers when leaving the office and turning off lights when leaving spaces.
    • Reducing reliance on vehicles, through employee carpooling, sharing transportation to events and seminars, subsidized access to office showers or public transportation, and ongoing participation in Bike to Work Week.

4.   We will lead the industry by example:

    • All buildings will strive to meet or exceed energy targets consistent with the BC Energy Step Code and other regulatory metrics.
    • All rooms within a building must have a healthy indoor climate, the right temperature, and good ventilation.
    • By proving airtight construction is scalable and repeatable, through targeting 0.6ACH50on all future projects
    • By proving the future of sustainability can be built profitably, through targeting less than 15% incremental costs for our net-zero ready buildings.

5.   We will make use of opportunities for additional support by:

    • Evaluating available sustainability incentives in every location we develop.
    • Attending conferences and events pertaining to improving construction and sustainable building

6.   We will make sustainable energy choices attainable for our employees by:

    • Providing solar photovoltaics at below-market rates to employees, so that they might realize the benefits and share their experience with others.

7.   We will create a legacy through making changes, doing what is right, and creating a great place to work.


– Last Reviewed: April 4, 2019

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