From development through to construction our team handles it all leveraging technology, prioritizing environmental sustainability, and keeping safety top of mind.

Grow With Us

We believe that people want more than a job, want more from their homes or offices, and want more from their investments.

Highstreet is here to answer that call.

We’re developing buildings of the future that will impact our world and becoming a ‘Highstreeter’ certainly has its perks. Having monthly BBQ’s on construction sites for all employees and subcontractors is just the start. As a top employer, we believe in sharing the success with biannual bonuses based on performance and a lucrative investment program so team members choose to work, not just because they have to.

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Path to

Net Zero

In 2016, the team decided with all the green initiatives they were already doing that it was time to look into green certification programs to push the design even further. After reviewing multiple certifications, the team decided on Built Green.

Projects certified through Built Green Canada take a holistic approach to sustainability, including energy efficiency, and then going beyond to include materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and overall business practices. For community members, it means a healthier, more durable home with a lower environmental impact, which comes with the added benefit of reduced monthly costs.

In 2017, one team meeting about pushing the boundaries even further on green initiatives set the foundation for a very ambitious goal –

to own and operate 1600 net-zero energy ready homes by 2024.

Since that initial meeting in 2016, Highstreet has enrolled 10 communities, and counting, for certification through Built Green Canada.